• Reviewed by: deborahmauricephillipe  on: 30/11/2014
    Great food
  • Reviewed by: loveshorses64  on: 15/11/2014
    I love the food!!!
  • Reviewed by:   on: 26/09/2014
  • Reviewed by: chata101781  on: 25/04/2013
    This is the best chinese in town. Would recommend this place to all my family and friends. :-D
  • Reviewed by: jeff  on: 27/05/2012
    Definitely the best Chinese food in Lake County!
  • Reviewed by: freshfaith74  on: 12/05/2012
    I Love it!!!! best place ever great service,
  • Reviewed by: SeanOpry88  on: 29/03/2012
    This place is great.
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