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Welome to China Kitchen

Att ention to Customers

Mrs. Lin has trust and faith in the first rate service and high quality food China Kitchen delivers time and again because she knows, “it's the only way to win over customers’ hearts and minds.” After merely one year of operations they have successfully won over many customers who have become loyal and consistent visitors. One of her customers has moved her deeply because he visits on a weekly basis on her way to work whereas he could choose any number of other competitors also located near to her restaurant. Why does he

St aying St rong

In 1998 Mrs. Lin came to the States. Initially she had a really hard time due to the language barrier. Staying strong and keeping her chin up was her only option of survival. She got a job as a chef's assistant in a buffet restaurant. It was there she brushed up on her English. After one year she moved ahead to the front of the restaurant and was in direct contact with customers. It was there she learned how to run a restaurant, provide customer service and to manage.

There was after that two attempts at her own business. First a Chinese take-out and the second a Chinese-Japanese eatery yet both ended in failure. Still, Mrs. Lin did not concede her willpower. On the third try she wanted to do a Japanese dine-in restaurant and unbelievably, failed due to the poor choice of location. “The market is cruel” she admits. Yet still, she was not stopped nor did she yield to her repeated setbacks. She pulled herself up by the bootstraps and on the fourth try – China Kitchen – she managed to stay afloat and improve in all ways. “After digesting all my previous failures I was determined never to give up” says this powerhouse of a woman. And so, her amazing strength finally paid off with China Kitchen. An old Chinese proverb says, it takes a long cultivation to reach the harvest. Perhaps in the future Mrs. Lin will reap even more rewards (materially and spiritually) with another restaurant? Only she knows.